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Astrological Consultation

If you are interested in obtaining an astrological reading about your life, or if you have specific questions regarding your past, your present and/or your future for which you would like to seek help or advice from me, you can click on the link below for contacting me via email.

Some of the basic services available include the Life Chart, the Decade Chart, current year prospects, and compatibility with another person. You need to be able to provide your date, month, year and time of birth (within a two-hour time block). My service will be more valuable to you if you can articulate your questions instead of generalities. If your question involves another person, you need to know at least the date, time and year of birth of that person so that I can assess how that person fits in your life.

I do astrology as a hobby and out of personal interest. I have a day job and am not a full-time astrologer. I do not use a computer to compile Charts via a canned software package. I compile every chart manually by hand in reference to a variety of books and almanacs. I do not have “assistants” to do the work with me as the front – every word that you get as response from me in the astrological readings is written by me.

For these reasons, I do not publish a fixed fee schedule as my service is not an assembly line production. Feel free to contact me with your requests and we will discuss the fee as well as my time-frame for response depending on my availability.

I am a Canadian of Chinese descendent. I can read traditional Chinese but my writing skill in Chinese is not strong enough for publishing. For this reason, I apologize to the Chinese patrons that I am not able to provide my astrological readings in Chinese and all correspondence with me can only be done in English.

The Chinese believe that for two people to meet up in the first place, it is a pre-destined event. For the two people to sit down, have a conversation and hit it off, it is a form of blessing. How long and how deep the relationship will endure will depend on what time allotment has been given to us by the good lord.

With this in mind, if our paths cross somehow, I hope our interaction will be pleasant, inspiring and enrich both of our lives.

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