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Why was Mitt Romney not able to win the presidency in 2012 and would the outcome be different if he were to run for the third time in 2016? [August 28, 2014]

On June 16, 2014, the Washington Post ran the article titled “Mitt Romney is the Paul the Octopus of the 2014 Republican primaries”. It was reported that “the former presidential candidate has been busy during the primary season, picking favorites in some of the most important party infighting of the year. And, about halfway through the midterms, all of his endorsements have led to victories at the polls.”

On the same day, the Portland Mercury reported that “Wealthy Republicans Want Mitt Romney to Run for President in 2016”. Interestingly, the overwhelming front-runner on the Democratic side is Hillary Clinton, who also tried to run for presidency in 2008 so reaching out to a prior big name candidate behind the “Draft Romney” movement is not too far-fetched at all.

On August 28, 2014, The Hill ran an article called "Suddenly Mitt Romney" reported that a new poll put support for Romeny at 35% while the rest of the Republican aspirants for 2016 bunched toegther between 9 and 11%.

A lot has been written about why Mitt Romney lost the presidential bid in 2012. I would like to take a look and offer some insights from an astrological perspective.

Mitt Romney was born in 1947, which was the Year of the Pig. The prefix for that year was that the destruction force impacted a star called Huge Door (as translated from Chinese). People with this star distribution have the tendency to stick their foot in their mouth, and say the wrong thing at the wrong time. They tend to be outspoken and burst out loud what is on their mind without giving a lot of thought of the consequences, and that other people may interpret the wrong way. This is in line with the negative comments that he made in July about the 2012 Summer Olympics (which was perceived as undiplomatic by the British press), and the infamous “47 percent of the nation pays no income tax, are dependent on the federal government, see themselves as victims, and will support President Obama unconditionally” in mid-September during the presidential campaign in 2012.

Coincidentally, President Obama was born in 1961, which was the Year of the Ox. The prefix for that year was that the good fortune force impacted the star called Huge Door which explains why he is a great orator and a darling of the US press. His strength is exactly where Mitt Romney’s weakness is.

As a Canadian, it was easier for me to look at the US presidential race objectively as I cannot vote and hold no allegiance to either party. It was obvious that the US presidential race favored the incumbent for the second term so Mitt Romney was fighting an uphill battle. I was able to predict that he would not be able to defeat the incumbent (President Obama) in 2012 based on his star distribution. I have no knowledge of his time of birth so I was not able to compile a Life Chart of him, but there was information about him making hundreds of millions of dollars in the 1980’s and 1990’s. At the same time, he had lost many millions (double digits) of dollars in the current decade as he spent $45 million of his own money on the 2008 presidential campaign, and had huge write-offs in his 2009 tax return from investment losses. As I had noted under Concepts “The Winner Look and Windfall Gains”, he must have the combination of Weapon Tune and Greedy Wolf to generate an enormous amount of wealth (as in cash) during good times (i.e. 1980’s and 1990’s), but these stars have turned against him in the current decade as evidenced by the huge financial losses in 2008 and 2009.

2012 was the Year of the Dragon. The prefix for that year was that the destruction force impacted Weapon Tune, one of the two key stars that had propelled him to enormous wealth in the 1980’s and 1990’s. As evidenced by the financial hit that he took in the current decade, he would have a minimum of two key stars impacted by the destruction force in 2012 (from the current decade and from the calendar year). That would not be a strong enough star combination to unseat an incumbent very popular with the US press (i.e. President Obama) and propel him to take the most powerful post in the world as the President of the United States of America.

Would history repeat himself should he take another run for the presidency in 2016?

It really depends on who will be the presidential candidate for the Democrats. If it turns out to be Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney would actually have a level playing field as she was also born in 1947. This means that they have the same stars being impacted by the four forces in their respective Life Charts. Hillary Clinton also has the destruction force impacting Huge Door in her Life Chart. They have similar strengths and weaknesses. On June 17, 2014, Media ITE had an article titled “MSNBC’s Krystal Ball: ‘Is Hillary Clinton Our Mitt Romney?’” The MSNBC host noted the following about Hillary Clinton: “Smart? Sure. Competent? Absolutely. Incredible resume? Without a doubt. But also, kind of tone-deaf and unrelatable.”

By 2016, Mitt Romney should be in a new decade with a different star distribution. My view is that if Hillary Clinton is on the Democrat ticket as their presidential candidate, Mitt Romney will actually have the upper hand as the situational factor will be in his favour. After 8 years of Democratic rule with a sluggish economy and national debts of trillions of dollars, the voters will yearn for a change of the ruling party. The only two caveats is that Mitt Romney should refrain from using his personal funds to finance the campaign and he should stick to a carefully crafted script in all his public speaking.





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